Surveys - What To Think About

By Neville Roberts  MRICS

Morris Marshall & Poole offer three types of survey:

• The RICS Condition Report

• The RICS Homebuyers Report (Survey)

• The RICS Homebuyers Report (Survey & Valuation)

90% of the surveys carried out by Morris Marshall & Poole this year have been Homebuyers Report (Survey & Valuation) with 10% being Condition Reports.

Building Regulations: do we need them? We have seen a lot of properties having had works carried out without seeking the necessary Building Regulations approval. Many seller and indeed their builders, are unaware that works such as converting a garage into a habitable room, re-rendering external walls, renewing roof coverings and removing internal walls all require Building Regulations approval.

The Damp/Condensation Debate: If we had a pound for every property we see with mould on walls and ceilings. It is easy for sellers and purchasers to jump to the conclusion that this is caused by damp but, in a lot of cases, it is simply condensation. Condensation can be caused by a number of factors such as lack of ventilation and heating, the lifestyle of the occupant and our damp British Climate. 80% of damp cases we see are actually condensation – which is a much easier problem to solve.

Shared drains – what are the rules? Building an extension can be an excellent way of not only increasing the living space within a property, but also its value. It is important to understand the rules around building over shred mains drain though. If your extension will be built over or near a shared mains drain or pipework, you will require a ‘build over’ license from the local utility provider. As of 2011 any drain which is shared with a neighbour and connected to the mains, became the responsibility of the local Utility provider, irrespective of the size of the drain and whether it was situated within the boundaries of the property. The process may involve a site visit and you could be required to have a drain survey carried out both before and after building works are carried out.

Morris Marshall & Poole has a planning department happy to help with advice on any of these issues, simply contact your local branch for more information.