Some top tips on using our iValuate virtual property valuation service

Following on from our launch of the iValuate virtual property valuation service, we’ve put together some tips on how such a service can help and also how you can help us highlight the best parts of your property.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to sell or a landlord looking to let a property, iValuate is a great way we can provide a professional valuation for sale price or rental value without entering your home in the current situation.

You can check out the video about iValuate and then contact us for more information through one of our office telephone numbers or email addresses, such as Newtown on 01686 626160 or email



Below are some tips that we’ll run through when we begin the iValuate process:


How can sellers put buyer’s minds at rest?

Start from the outside of the property first. Much like a physical viewing, the outside of the property and the entrance should be the first thing that a potential buyer sees to give them a feel for how the property is situated. 

You may choose to speak throughout the video, highlighting key features and explaining why you love certain rooms or aspects of the home, answering questions along the way. Speak with your estate agent about this beforehand, as they will be able to advise you on the best way to go about this.


Which features are most important? 

The rooms that often carry the biggest weight in the decision-making process when purchasing a new home are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Family buyers are particularly interested in the kitchen, as much of family activity is centred around this hub in the home. During a virtual viewing, it is a good idea to spend a bit more time in these areas of the home to give the potential buyer the chance to take it all in and see all the features the rooms have to offer. 

Apart from the kitchen and bathrooms, the other areas of the home that buyers are most interested in seeing include the living room, bedrooms and the garden. The lockdown has highlighted the importance of gardens and outdoor spaces for many. 

Focus on a unique feature of each room, for example, period or character features, exposed wooden beams, Inglenook fireplaces, high ceilings and sash windows.


It is not all about what you can see

Other aspects that most buyers would be interested to know during a virtual viewing include:


The heating

Is the home cold or draughty? Good central heating and double-glazing are top on many buyers’ lists.


Home security

Seven out of ten buyers say that secure windows and doors are essential.


Broadband signal

This is another aspect that continues to grow in importance as working remotely has become the new norm. A reliable broadband signal and strong mobile signal are on the top of many potential buyers’ must-have lists.



While technology is engrained in our everyday lives, it has not replaced the desire for human interaction. Many buyers want to know what their potential new neighbours are like.

Although virtual viewings came about as a result of the lockdown, they may continue to be a vital home marketing tool even once restrictions are lifted.

Understanding how to conduct a virtual viewing and the key features buyers are looking for, will increase the chance of securing a sale using this new method.