Smallholding lifestyle provides more than the “good life”

With more people seeking to live sustainably, interest in smallholdings in Mid Wales and Shropshire is proving ever more popular, according to one of the region’s estate agents and chartered surveyors.

Properties with land varying from two to 14 acres are in demand, even those requiring renovation to the main residential property.

“Smallholdings have always been a popular investment and lifestyle choice, but with the growing trend to live more sustainably we are seeing more interest from people looking for properties where they can grow produce on a small scale, keep ponies and horses and even raise their own livestock,” said Rob Hudson, a partner at Morris, Marshall and Poole with Norman Lloyd.

“In many cases interest has also been from people seeking to move to a larger property in the country with land to enjoy or that they can let as grass keep or for ponies or other livestock.

“It’s generally a lifestyle choice, although with some there is also a business idea behind it and they might want an outbuilding as part of that for an office, studio or workshop. With others it’s part of a project to renovate a smallholding in need of investment.”

Demand has centred around smallholdings of between seven to 14 acres, although properties with a couple of acres are also selling well.

“Prices vary on location and the state of the property. For example, we have a 7.5 acre smallholding at £295,000 in one location and a 13 acre one for the same price elsewhere,” added Rob.

One example is Fronheulog at Forden, near Welshpool, Powys. The four acre property has stunning views over the Severn Valley towards Powis Castle and comes complete with a three-bedroom property and outbuildings.

In need of some modernisation, the property is an ideal investment at £300,000.

“We’re keen to talk to property owners who might be considering selling their smallholding as we have a number of potential purchasers seeking such properties,” added Mr Hudson.

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