Oswestry's personal touch

It’s usually the property valuers who attend and view the properties we market and if the vendors do their own viewings, then often the reception staff do not physically see the property. However, here at MMP with NL Oswestry office our reception staff try their very best to visit as many properties as possible, meaning we are in a better position to deal with the enquiries which come in and to answer more specific questions about the properties that we have to sell or let. Our clients also find this service an invaluable and proactive attempt to promote their property.


Based in the office reception for most of the time and dealing with various enquiries, sometimes it can be hard to be enthusiastic about properties which have been on the market for some time. Very often a property has no faults, it may just be that, because of the location or position in that location does not suit the majority of buyers. Some rural and village properties, which can be 15-20 miles from a town’s amenities, can be more difficult to find buyers for, just because of the distance to travel to work every day or for shopping or doctor’s appointments. However, we believe that every property has its good points and it’s a matter of matching the right buyer to that property and getting to know our buyers needs as well as our vendors, and if we have seen the property too we can promote as many good points to potential buyers.

Barbara Jones MNAEA