MMP/NL in Bishop's Castle - Playing our part in the south Shropshire community

Rural towns, villages and communities throughout Shropshire and Mid Wales, such as Bishop’s Castle, take pride in their local services, many of which have disappeared in this age of online technology.

That’s where local estate agent Morris, Marshall and Poole with Norman Lloyd is making a difference by ensuring property services are available in the heart of such communities.

As one of the longest established chartered surveyors in the region, MMP/NL has been dealing with house and property sales and purchases for more than 160 years.

“Rural communities form the backbone of everything we do at MMP/NL. Bishop’s Castle and the community that surrounds it in south Shropshire and the Powys border area is a prime example of a community we serve,” said David Jones, a chartered surveyor and partner at MMP/NL.

“A lot of professional services have moved to much larger towns or simply offer an online presence to outlying rural communities. But we understand, perhaps more so when it comes to buying or selling a home or commercial property that clients don’t just want someone at the end of an email or telephone, they want to be able to call in and see them.

Integral to the local community

“Our office in Bishop’s Castle’s High Street is an integral part of the community, allowing people to come and discuss in person their requirements. They can still email or telephone, but sometimes coming into the office and dealing with a person is more reassuring.”

The team at Bishop’s Castle includes Kathy Pritchett and Diana Newcombe who deal with residential sales and lettings.

They are joined by Richard Evans, a partner, chartered surveyor and a specialist in rural and agricultural services; Sarah Breeze, a chartered surveyor and residential lettings specialist; and Bryan Jarman, a chartered surveyor and sales and lettings specialist.

Leading the Bishop’s Castle team is David Jones.

Key services available are:

  • Residential sales
  • Commercial sales
  • Agricultural services
  • Property auctions
  • Mortgage advice
  • Surveying
  • Property appraisals
  • Valuations

“We’re part of the community and people like to come to the office to see what properties are on the market or available for let. It’s nice to meet them and discuss their needs,” said Kathy.

High street and online service

David added: “We’ve invested significantly in our website and IT technology which places us at the forefront of marketing properties not just in the area, but throughout the UK to potential purchasers. A great deal of our marketing is through these channels.

“But having a physical presence on the ground is also key to understanding the local market, being part of our community and working with homeowners, businesses and farmers on a face-to-face basis. It makes all the difference.”

MMP/NL is also a member of the Guild of Property Professionals. Staff are trained to the high standards expected by the Guild. It also ensures MMP/NL is part of a UK-wide network that allows it to promote and market properties to potentially all parts of the country through a network of estate agents, as well as a London office.

You can find the team at 31 High Street, Bishop’s Castle, SY9 5BE or telephone 01588 63851. You can also email

The office is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and Saturdays between 9am and 1pm.