Are garages ever used for what they were designed for?

I was valuing a house the other day and came across a rare sight...........a car actually kept in a garage. 

Over the years I have visited hundreds of properties and find that most people use their garages for other purposes.

This got me thinking,why do people no longer use garages for keeping cars in?

There are a number of reasons for this I believe, the most obvious being that they simply aren't big enough for modern cars particularly those built before 1980.  I myself live in a 1970's house and although I can just about get my car into the garage there is no room to open the car doors inside and I cannot close the garage door as you can see !

Another reason certainly in the case of attached and integral garages is that some people have converted them into additional accommodation.  Planning permission is not usually required for this and it can be an economic way of extending your home, although building regulations approval would be needed.

Finally, I think the most common thing I see garages used for is for storage purposes and very often they are packed with stuff to the rafters.

It's strange why more people don't put their cars in garages if only to keep their insurance premiums down and what is interesting is that when buyers are looking for property many list a garage as one of their main requirements.

Neville Roberts MRICS